Lagos State, since its creation on 27 May 1967, has experienced gradual surge of humans and vehicles. The making of the state as the capital of Nigeria increased the surge of people into Lagos many of who have found it difficult to relocate from the state even as the capital moved to Abuja. Even with the movement of capital, till date, Lagos still remains its economic relevance. This has kept the surge.

The surge has created attendant effect of infrastructures especially the road. Congestion and heavy traffic has become a regular feature on Lagos roads. The heavy traffic and congestion brought negative effects to the people and the economy. The associated stress is enormous; the loss of man-hour leading to reduction in productivity is related to the economy.

Birth of Lagos Traffic Radio
The State Government realized these challenges and came to the conclusion that congestion and heavy traffics on our roads should be eliminated. HIS EXCELLENCY, Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) thus approved that a dedicated traffic radio be established to monitor traffic and safety matters in Lagos state. This is what led to the birth of Lagos Traffic Radio.


To be the most reliable radio station providing traffic information in Africa


To provide timely, accurate Traffic Information and Travel Advisory to Commuters for enhanced productivity using Modern Technologies and well-motivated Workforce.

Core Values (T-RADIO)

Timely, Reliable, Accurate, Dynamic, Innovative and Objective


Broadcasting traffic information on all modes of transportation and traffic advisory at regular intervals to commuters in the ever-busy city of Lagos, Nigeria

The facilities are strategically located that the reach covers Lagos state and parts of neighboring Ogun State.

The listener-ship cut across the old and young, poor and rich, male and female.

All users of roads and other transportation modes (including rail and air) around Lagos State.

Our Product
Reliable information on traffic situation to enable motorists plan routes around Lagos.
Drivers can maximise the comfort of the road by avoiding routes that are prone to heavy traffic. Information gathered from our filed officers will be packaged for transmission to the public.

Back Up/Field Report
The station will be fully backed by a team of LASTMA Personnel. The personnel will file in reports live from locations around Lagos.Phone calls received from members of the public on traffic matters will be verified by the nearest LASTMA post.

Hours of Transmission
At start, the station will transmit between 5:30AM and 2AM Midnight. It will later assume a twenty four [24HR] service.

Current track