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For Train schedule as released by the Nigeria Railway Corporation. The first Train, a Mass Transit Train, MTT, will leave Ijoko by 6am and arrive Iddo by 7:30am.

The second Train, a Diesel Multiple Unit, DMU will leave Kajola at 6am to Apapa.

The third train, MTT will leave Kajola by 6:30am to Apapa while the fourth train MTT will leave Iddo by 8:30am to Ijoko.


Later in the evening, the first Mass Transit Train, MTT, will leave Iddo by 5pm and head to Kajola, the second one, Diesel Multiple Unit leaves Iddo by 6pm to Kajola while the thirrd Train, MTT leaves Apapa by 7:15pm to Ijoko.

Meanwhile, the Mass Transit Train, MTT train tickets cost Two hundred and thirty naira (230) while Diesel Multiple Unit train tickets cost Seven hundred and fifty naira, (750).


Every Friday, there is a Limited Train that leaves *Iddo* to *Kano* by 12pm. Tickets prices include: 1st class Sleeper, Six thousand, nine hundred and fifty naira, (6,950), 1st class sitter: Four thousand, five hundred and fifty naira, (4,550), Economy, two thousand, nine hundred and fifty naira,(2,950)

The train will have stops at Abeokuta, Ibadan, Ede, Oshogbo, Offa, Ilorin, Jebba, Mokwa, Kutiwengi, Akerri, Zungeru, Minna, Seriki Pawan, Kaduna, Zaria and final Stop at Kano.


Train stops for trains coming from Iddo are *Ebutte Meta* to *Alagomeji* to *Yaba* to *Mushin* to *Oshodi* to *Shogunle* to *Ikeja* to *Agege* to *Iju* to *Alagbado* to Itoki to *Oposuru* to *Ijoko* and final Stop *Kajola*

While from *Apapa* next stop will be *Iganmu* then *Ebutte Meta* to *Alagomeji* to *Yaba* to *Mushin* to *Oshodi* to *Shogunle* to *Ikeja* to *Agege* to *Iju* to *Alagbado* to *Itoki* to *Oposuru* to *Ijoko* and final Stop *Kajola*.


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